Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring Support

Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring Support

Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring Support

In response to a number of requests from clients, I am personally offering Resilience and Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring Support, 6 days a week, for 1 hour or 2 hours, either via video conferencing or telephone, including outside normal office hours.  I am continuing to offer extended hours of support free of charge to frontline workers.

If you or your staff are struggling to cope with the current Changes, Uncertainty, Pressure or key Life Events, then Resilience Coaching and Mentoring can allow you to offload and receive support in order to regain a healthy and positive mindset.  You can discuss key issues and have an objective sounding board regarding any tough decisions or actions in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space, whilst learning practical coping techniques.  Please contact me in absolute confidence to discuss flexible options available or to book a session.

I have been working closely with global leaders, HR teams and individuals for 17 years to provide Career and Transition Coaching and Resilience Coaching support.  I have worked for one of the world’s largest Counselling Consultancies, introducing Employee Assistance Programmes, Occupational Health and sickness absence tools, in order to address key issues, such as Stress, work and relationship problems, Change, bullying and harassment, diversity, drug and alcohol use, and work/life balance.  I have also assisted Counsellors and managers dealing with the aftermath of an air crash, rail crash and bombings and therefore am used to dealing with major crises. 

The Resilience Coaching Sessions will help you to cope with the current challenges and develop your Resilience by honing a variety of skills, such as:

As a Result of the Coaching Sessions, you will have:

  • Identified what Stress is and assessed your Stress levels
  • Understood what effects Stress has on you and your lives
  • Developed Resilience in order to travel along the Change Curve and ‘bounce-back’ more quickly from set-backs and key life events
  • Learnt how to cope with the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response
  • Practised how to better Manage Change, Uncertainty and Pressure
  • Deployed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques 
  • Created a SMART Action Plan with Goals to keep you on track

The stages we tend to experience after a major set-back are denial, anger, disorientation, acceptance and renewal.  In order to recover from these stages more quickly and cope better with key life events and change, it is important to acknowledge the reality of what’s happening, to identify and challenge the negative thoughts, channel the anger, create and implement a personal vision with goals, and seek out your support network.  

Resilience Coaching and Training can decrease sickness absence levels from between 33% - 60%; this holistic and preventative approach has been used effectively by the US military since 2009.  Resilience is a complex set of skills and behaviours, which are affected by beliefs and personality styles and which differ greatly from one person to another.  It is often referred to as the ability to bounce back from adversity.

Please contact me in absolute confidence to find out more details, to discuss flexible options available, or to book a session.

‘You are so supportive and empathic, whilst still maintaining absolute confidentiality and professionalism.  I’ve found out that it certainly is lonely at the top.  I don’t want to burden my team or family with the hard-hitting issues we are facing, so I am really appreciating having a safe place to offload and check that I am making the right tough calls.  Your help is invaluable now, thank you.’  CEO

‘Thank you so much for your help and guidance.  I was in a dark place having to deal with so many major challenges, but you are supporting me through the most difficult time experienced in my long career.  I have the tools and techniques to cope with the deteriorating crisis, but am safe in the knowledge you are at the end of the phone to help get us all through this.’  HR Director

Stay Safe!

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