10 Popular Speaker Topics and Virtual Training Sessions

10 Popular Speaker Topics and Virtual Training Sessions

10 Popular Speaker Topics and Virtual Training Sessions

It’s now been almost a year of non-stop Executive Coaching  and Mentoring assisting clients with their Covid response, strategy realignment and restructures.  Organisations are also experiencing the value and ROI of Resilience Coaching to support staff through the challenges of the pandemic, lockdown, and remote working, as well as to reduce sickness absence.   Providing pro bono Coaching and pastoral care to frontline workers and those shielding has been very challenging for me personally, but also gratifying to be able to help out in a positive way. 

Of course, despite the pandemic and economic crisis, many organisations have continued to recruit and develop their talent, so I am still administering and delivering feedback on a range of Talent Assessments, from Personality Questionnaires to 360 Feedback Reviews.  High potentials and those stepping up during the crisis are still being promoted after Career Coaching  and, happily, all Outplacement clients are moving on to new roles very swiftly, which is incredibly rewarding. 

With the hope brought by the vaccination programme, the Covid-response is noticeably starting to form part of BAU, therefore many leaders are able to move from fire-fighting to be more strategic in recovery mode, engaging in strategic planning for the ‘new reality’.  I’m able to mirror this and am beginning to have time to diarise more online Speaking Events and virtual Leadership and Management Group Training Sessions alongside my ongoing Coaching engagements.

So, here are the 10 most requested Speaker Topics and Virtual Training Sessions:

1. How to Lead and Inspire Your Team Remotely to create a positive Culture

2. How to Lead and Manage Change 

3. Coping with Uncertainty, Pressure and Stress to Develop Resilience

4. How to Prioritise the Priorities and Delegate more to Empower your Team

5. How to Align Your Team and Objectives with the Company Vision and Strategy

6. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Step up as a Leader

7. How to have the Difficult Conversations to Manage Poor Performance  whilst  maintaining Engagement

8. How to be Agile and Flex Your Leadership Style to create Results

9. How to Value and Develop your Top Talent

10. Creating Equal, Diverse and Inclusive Teams

Speaker events are booked for 45 minutes to 2 hours and Virtual Interactive Group Training Sessions are booked for 1 – 4 hours.

‘Thank you for such a valuable webinar today; the content was very relevant and your depth of experience shone through with all the insightful, practical tips and tricks.  I also enjoyed being able to interact in the online chats and polls: it was slick but also very ‘real’ as you’re so approachable; it has made me reflect on how I need to change my approach slightly!’  Senior Manager

‘What an excellent and interesting talk with clear slides and timing spot on. All the topics we discussed were useful and informative for the team.  It was obvious you have a lot of experience and are willing to share this to help others in an interactive forum.  A big thank you – brilliant!’  Head of Department

Be kind, stay safe, stay positive!

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