10 Rules for Life

10 Rules for Life

Three weeks ago, I was due to follow up on the pro bono Career Coaching and Mentoring for some ex-professional sportsmen, who unfortunately have had to retire from their sport at a relatively early age; due to the coronavirus we had to change our plans, stay at home and reschedule our trip, which is the least we can do. 

The last time we met up, we could not have imagined that the world would change so dramatically and how much the former athletes would need to draw on their ability to adapt, cope with Change and strengthen their Resilience skills.  Having followed strict routines for years in their professional sports training they have had to apply their self-discipline to explore a variety of career options since retiring.  However, as well as working towards very specific targets and objectives, they were also keen to have a new list of guidelines and values to live by. 

So, for those, who don’t have a faith during these challenging times and who may need some hope and inspiration, here is a reminder of their Rules for Life, which seem more apt now than ever:

Rule #1:  Health and Fitness are Key

During the current pandemic, we are all very aware of not taking our health for granted.  It’s important to control what you think, eat, drink and how much you exercise.

Rule #2:  Have a Strong Backbone

Develop your Resilience and always be confident you can do it.

Rule #3:  Seize Every Day

Appreciate what you do have, as opposed to stressing over what you don’t have, or indeed, have already lost.

Rule #4:  Having enough Money to live on is a Necessity

Save for a rainy day, and balance the ‘What If…?’ scenarios with living for today.

Rule #5:  Always have a Plan B

Follow your dreams, but if they don’t work out, then you need to be flexible, learn new skills, and be willing to reach out to your contact list.

Rule #6:  Know Who is in Your Inner Circle

When the chips are down, a handful of 100% trustworthy family and friends will stick by you through the tough times and do their maximum to help out.

Rule #7:  Don't ever Care what other People say about you

Focus on controlling only what you can control, i.e. your attitude, your thoughts, your breath, your behaviour, your actions.

Rule #8:  Don't ever Regret Anything

Stop saying ‘I wish I had done x/y’  but learn from your mistakes.

Rule # 9:  Dare to Dream

Still follow your dreams and goals with total, unwavering focus and attention to detail.

Rule #10:  Aim to be the Best you can be in Everything

At the end of every day, if you can look in the mirror knowing that you have given 100% that day, stayed true to your own values, been kind, and above all, maintained total integrity, you should be able to sleep soundly.

Last time we agreed that #10 was crucial in an uncertain, complex, and ever-changing world, not aware that the world and our lives would be changing beyond recognition.

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Stay safe.

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