10 Ways to keep Positive when you’re Job Searching

10 Ways to keep Positive when you’re Job Searching

10 Ways to keep Positive when you’re Job Searching

Mass redundancies continue to hit the headlines on an almost daily basis in the UK.  Sadly, behind each headline there are devastated workers, families and often whole communities.  With every announcement regarding the big brands, there is a myriad of smaller firms also laying off staff, which we often don’t get to hear about.  With the furlough scheme due to end in October, added to a likely hard Brexit and potential second wave of Covid-19, it’s understandable why around 58% of workers are scared about losing their job, according to a recent report by Perkbox. 

Being made redundant is regarded by psychologists as a serious life event, which can cause immense stress  and anxiety, which may be exacerbated by lockdown.  Exiting employees often feel a sense of loss of identity and purpose, which is why redundancy is sometimes likened to bereavement with workers experiencing grief.  When providing Outplacement Support,  I always emphasise the need to try to keep a positive attitude and to take control of your life, career search, finances and work/life balance.  This may sound challenging, but whilst delivering Career Transition Coaching  over the past 17 years, I have seen individuals find their real vocation in life and end up being healthier and happier after their job was cut. 

If redundant employees can overcome the initial anger, blame, lethargy and distress as quickly as possible they are more likely to succeed in their job search more swiftly.  As psychologists advise, ‘channel the anger’ in to fine-tuning your CV, updating your LinkedIn profile, contacting your networks and jumping on the job boards.  The key is to ‘hang on to hope’.  Even during the Summer holidays, a global pandemic and recession, some organizations are recruiting, often with speeded-up processes.  Here are just 5 mini case studies from the past 3 weeks, which demonstrate that there are jobs to be found out there:  

Working with 4 Executives receiving Outplacement Support, here are the encouraging figures:

  • With an updated CV and LinkedIn profile, and after practicing Remote Interview Techniques with me for 2 hours, one client had just one interview and landed her ‘dream job’ within one week
  • With a new CV, and after practicing mock Remote Interview Techniques for 2 hours, another has 3 second interviews, each for more senior roles than he has just left
  • Following an overhaul of her CV and LinkedIn profile, and after 4 hours of intensive Competency Based Interview practice, another executive secured a role within one week, having previously only received rejections, as well as being invited to 2 other interviews
  • Following pro bono Career Coaching, within a week and armed with a new CV, a team member obtained a part-time role 10 miles from home to supplement another flexible job. And an individual contributor received 1.5 hours of pro bono interview practice before securing a 'dream' part-time role within 2 weeks and signed up to retrain part-time for a more sought-after job.

So, here are some more ways to 'hang on to hope’ when job searching:

1. Keep on applying

2. Deal with the inner critic

3. Don’t expect a response from recruiters - they are inundated with applications

4.  Control what you can control

5. ‘Exploit’ your contacts and networks - many successful hires are via existing networks

6. Keep up to date with the relevant news such as the future of work - but limit exposure to all the doom and gloom

7. Identify the firms and sectors that are recruiting

8. Do as many relevant online courses as you can and get those qualifications you've been putting off

9. Explore all options - no matter how ambitious or daft they may seem

10. Don't suffer in silence - shout for help if you need it! Career and Outplacement Support can always be tailored to your specific requirements and budgets

Good luck and stay safe!

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