A Customized Online 360 Feedback Tool

A Customized Online 360 Feedback Tool

A Customized Online 360 Feedback Tool

ICYMI: Natural Talent is pleased to be working with Great People Inside (GR8PI) to provide bespoke, highly innovative psychometric assessments for Recruitment and Selection, Talent Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning.  These new, customized tools fit extremely well with our service offering, as they help to identify top talent and develop individuals to realize their true potential.  A customized online 360 Feedback is included in these assessments.

Within the 360 Feedback Assessment your managers can receive feedback from their key stakeholders, including their Boss, Peers, Direct Reports and Others in a structured and controlled manner.  You can choose the relevant dimensions, which will help to improve the performance of your managers and, in turn, your organization.  Your managers can then review how they perform against the dimensions that are key for their role and your business; these include behaviours and competencies that are proven to create effective managers and leaders, including Delegation, Teamwork, Change Management.

However, one of the reasons why we like this particular 360 tool so much, is that it provides a very robust and rounded assessment of your leaders and managers, as it also includes very current, fully validated psychometric dimensions with detailed behaviours and competencies; these include Integrity, Commercial Strategy, Interdisciplinary Approach, Vision.  This 360 Feedback Tool can provide a very detailed analysis of individual behaviours associated with the key competencies required for a specific role.  As one of our CEO clients commented: ‘This is the most up to date assessment tool we have seen; it will be able to assess and benchmark our top team against real and relevant behaviours that are crucial for our business success, such as being able to quickly identify key elements of arguments and draw swift and effective conclusions.’  

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What gets measured

The online 360 Feedback tool measures ‘learned behaviours’, which are what your managers will have learned from the different environments they have experienced.  If required, what is learned can be unlearned and managers can modify their behaviours in order to better manage their career, their teams and improve overall engagement and performance.  The 360 Feedback Report also creates a solid platform for Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, Leadership  and Management Development and Team Development and can deliver excellent ROI.

Another feature that we really like about this 360 tool, is that any ‘Not Applicable’ answers are factored out of the average score, which overcomes the issue of overuse of the ‘default 3’ or middle score button, which can skew the data in some online 360 Feedback Assessments.  The Report also shows the behaviours, where the individual overvalues or undervalues their own contribution in particular areas; it also has the facility for raters to type freehand comments to add further detail to behavioural insights with potential recommendations for improvement.  According to a CPO in one of our client organizations:  ‘What we particularly like about this 360 Report is that after the feedback there are tailored suggestions for ongoing personal development and what the ELT member may wish to continue to do, stop doing, or start doing in order to be able to tweak certain behaviours and improve performance; these can be picked up in our Executive Coaching Programmes.’ 

How Natural Talent can help

Our qualified Assessors can work in partnership with you to assist in:

  • Selecting the dimensions that are most appropriate to your business
  • Matching your Competency/Behavioural/Values Framework to the Assessments
  • Setting up the Assessments and adding the 360 Feedback Respondents
  • Producing a comprehensive 360 Feedback Report
  • Feeding back the 360 Report to the Manager in a confidential, safe environment
  • Providing SMART Coaching Action Plans and Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Recommending relevant ongoing blended learning, if required
  • Designing your Assessment or Development Centres for recruitment or promotion, Talent Management and Succession Planning 

If you are interested please contact us for an ebrochure or to book a demo.


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