Highly Innovative and Effective Talent Assessment and Development Solutions

Highly Innovative and Effective Talent Assessment and Development Solutions

Highly Innovative and Effective Talent Assessment and Development Solutions

Natural Talent is pleased to be working in partnership with Great People Inside (GR8PI) to provide bespoke, highly innovative psychometric assessments for Recruitment and Selection, Talent Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning.  These new, customised tools fit extremely well with our service offering, as they help to identify top talent and develop individuals to realize their true potential. 

The assessments can be tailored to your specific requirements and objectives as they only measure the skills, competencies and interests relevant to specific roles within your organization; they can assist you in achieving the following:

  • Improving Recruitment Success
  • Reducing Employee Turnover
  • Creating more tailored Development of Individuals
  • Reducing Time and Cost of Processing large Volumes of Applicants
  • Providing Primary Analysis in Candidate Selection, Screening and Interview
  • Identifying Performance Potential
  • Identifying, Managing and Developing Talent
  • Developing Teams and Resolving Conflict
  • Improving Employee Motivation and Productivity
  • Identifying overall Strengths and Skills Gaps
  • Identifying suitable Talent post a Restructure or Merger
  • Identifying Sales Skills and Potential for a Sales role
  • Future-proofing your Business

Benefits of Talent Assessments

One of the reasons that Natural Talent’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring  and Leadership  and Management  Development  Programmes are so successful and create significant and sustained behavioural change, is due to the fact that we ask most of our clients  to complete Talent Assessments  in advance of our Programmes; these help to identify strengths to build on and key areas to develop so that we can track progress and measure success.

Personally, I’ve completed most of the psychometric tests on the market, as well as working for SHL in the past; what I really like about the GR8PI assessments is that they include very current, fully validated psychometric dimensions and - at last - there is no need to email candidates 3 separate links for each occupational test!  In just one single online test you can assess personality, reasoning skills, numerical skills and interests relevant to your business.  According to one Managing Director:  'The Report provided a robust and rounded view; it was a bit like having a mirror placed in front of me and it's the first time a questionnaire has got the real me!'  

We can support you in building your own assessments by mapping your organizations competency/ behavioural/values framework on to the Cloud-based plaftform in order for them to be customized and specific to the role you are recruiting for, or for internal candidates you are looking to promote, as the tools identify how an individual is likely to perform in a new or existing role.  In a recruitment scenario, the assessments allow you to explore the candidate’s potential fit with the role by covering the main aspects of the applicant’s personality and skillset that match the bespoke job profile.  For development, the report also identifies any areas, which may pose challenges, as well as opportunities for ongoing improvement. 

Here's what the HR Director of one of our clients said about the assessments:  'What I really like is that we could create our own Job Profile for the Marketing Director role, assess the candidates against the relevant skills and behavioural competencies, benchmark them against each other and pick the leader, who was the best match and showed the most potential.  And we used the recommended interview questions for the final interview.  Please can we use this for all our future recruitment and development!'

If you are interested please contact us for an ebrochure or to book a demo.

Providing Added Value

The assessment solutions can create real added value for your organization due to many benefits, including

  • being customised to your specific requirements
  • being tailored to individual development and benchmarked against successful job profiles
  • covering very topical skills and competencies, such as: having a VUCA leadership approach, engagement, managing different generations, well-being
  • being easy to use and competitively priced
  • working on the principle of job match using current performers to provide a benchmark
  • enabling you to employ the best talent
  • matching the most appropriate candidates for a specific role
  • being highly relevant for Sales roles, if required

What we assess

Natural Talent's  qualified Assessors, Executive Coaches and Consultants will continue to employ a variety of the most relevant Assessment Solutions for each of our clients, but what we really like about these new assessments from GR8PI is that they can be utilized for a range of purposes, including recruitment, assessment and promotion of internal candidates, the identification of skills or organizational gaps, performance opportunities and high potentials. To achieve all this, we simply email the candidate or internal team member with one link and we can then assess the following:

  • behaviours that an individual exhibits in the company of others, including Extroversion, Openness to Experience
  • the degree to which an individual is comfortable working with various types of cognitive processes, such as with words and numbers
  • types of activities that the individual will be most inspired and motivated by to compare with those that are typically associated with the specified position

The Science

There are 3 Reports: one for the individual, one for recruitment, with proposed follow up interview questions and one for the line manager with behavioural insights and suggested Coaching recommendations, which assist in decisions regarding ongoing training and developmentThe assessments use a tried and tested psychological base, take account of the Big 5 Personality Traits and meet or exceed all reliability and validity requirements; they are normative and compare results with those of the working population.  The candidate scores are on a scale of 1 to 10 and the reports compare each individual’s results with the desired benchmark for the particular role on a red to green scale, which is easily interpreted. 

An online 360 Feedback Tool  is also available, which measures learned behaviours and allows for free text, which can lead to more strategic management of your human resources and can assist you in Talent Planning to ensure your organization has the bench strength to be more competitive and successful.  We’ll look at this tool next time.

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