How to become an Effective Manager

How to become an Effective Manager

How to become an Effective Manager

Since the onset of Covid-19, many team members have been asked to step up in to people management roles, as their colleagues were either made redundant, put on furlough, or were off sick.  Often, new line managers have received no formal management training and have had to find their way in the new world of remote working, adding to the need for swift on-the-job skills development.  Being a manager can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone trying to adapt during a global pandemic and several lockdowns.  So what actually makes an effective manager?

In 2018 Google conducted research in to what makes a good manager; they identified that the most important element of being an effective manager is a need to adopt more of a Coaching style; this includes having high emotional intelligence, delivering positive as well as constructive feedback, adapting communication style, and practising  Active Listening and Open Questioning.

Google also found that having a ‘growth mindset’ is proven to improve a managers’ performance.  This is similar to having a Positive Mental Attitude and ‘Can Do’ attitude.  If a manager/leader believes that they can learn a skill, practice new competencies and behaviours, accept and deal with challenges, their confidence and performance will improve.

As well as trying to imbed the company values, Google found that Managers who have their own value system and can flex their style are also more effective.  When utilising a Personality Questionnaire, such as the Strength Deployment Inventory, a leader/manager can identify their own motivational value system in order to assist them in adapting their style, making the tough calls, managing under uncertainty and pressure, and leading and managing change

Again, not surprisingly, Google advocates the development of self-awareness and the power of emotional intelligence in order for managers to better understand their emotions and those of their direct reports, and to enable them to better problem solve  and improve their  decision making.  This is another key attribute Google believes accounts for effective management and involves identifying key stakeholders, communicating the root cause of problems, and aligning objectives and solutions with the vision and strategy.  

Google also acknowledges that the transition to manager is a challenge and it is beneficial to discuss key issues with peers as well as working with an Executive Coach.  Leaders and managers derive immense value from being open and honest about key business challenges and personal development areas in a confidential, safe environment.  In addition to Googles’ list, we would reiterate the following skills and competencies required when managers are promoted and asked to ‘step up’ and become more effective.

‘Just being able to talk through the challenging scenarios emerging from my team members, has been hugely beneficial.  But the tips and techniques you’ve shared with me have been so valuable too; they've really improved my confidence as well as the overall performance and morale of the team.  Thank you so much!’  Line Manager

Stay safe, stay positive!

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