How to Become more Resilient to be able to Bounce Forwards

How to Become more Resilient to be able to Bounce Forwards

How to Become more Resilient to be able to Bounce Forwards

2022 continues to present an array of challenges, from the need to continue to work from home for many due to Covid outbreaks, to price rises, and ongoing negative consequences of Brexit in the UK.  

Sadly, the pandemic has had a major impact on many individuals' mental health and wellbeing, so it’s no surprise that increasingly one of the key Leadership and Management  Competencies I continue to work on with clients during Executive CoachingCareer and Outplacement Coaching, and Resilience Coaching is developing Resilience.

Resilience is a mix of skills which enable you to carry on working effectively when you are faced with Change, setbacks, or a heavy workload.  It is also the ability to control your emotions and behaviour, and to remain calm when faced with adversity and knockbacks.  Being resilient can often involve feeling optimistic about the future, despite any major trauma you may be experiencing.  Resilience is often referred to as the capability to bounce back quickly from setbacks with the potential to endure times of Change, uncertainty, and ambiguity. 

However, Covid-19 has changed the world forever, so we can’t just miraculously bounce back to how we felt two years ago or go back to how things were.  Nothing will ever be the same again; we have lost loved ones to Covid or to undiagnosed diseases not picked up early enough, or not getting to hospital in time due to staff and bed shortages within the NHS.  Long Covid is still affecting many people and some vulnerable individuals are still shielding two years on.  Lost lessons in school, lost loves, missed holidays, meetings, events, and opportunities will never be recovered.

So, there is no point in wanting to go back to how life was pre-pandemic.  Covid has also redefined Resilience as no longer being the ability to bounce back.  Now we have to re-evaluate, regroup, reset, and bounce forwards with renewed strength and energy, in the hope that the situation will improve.  When we are armed with a set of proven tools and techniques, we are more likely to be able to tackle current, ongoing, and future challenges, knock-backs, and key life events that come our way.

I became interested in Resilience as a set of skills when we were studying various wars in History lessons at school.  And I was fortunate to be able to talk to a neighbour’s elderly father, who had survived the horror of the trenches of the First World War, as well as a family friend who was a survivor of a Japanese POW camp.  Both men demonstrated incredible resilience.  Then my parents took me to the Normandy Landing Beaches when I twelve and I also visited Anne Franks’ house in Amsterdam, so I became even more interested in how some people appeared to be able to not only survive, but also thrive in the face of adversity and major change.

Fast forward to the twenty first century and whilst studying to qualify as a Coach, I read Viktor E. Frankl’s book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning.’  This led me to read around forty books on Stress Management and Resilience.  Providing pro bono Career Coaching to retiring or injured athletes and service personnel often includes discussions and techniques on Resilience. I was also intrigued to hear that the US Army had begun training troops and their families in Resilience skills in 2009.  Working for a global provider of Employee Assistance Programmes and delivering a six-month Change Management and Resilience Programme for AXA Tech in 2010 meant that I discovered much more about what skills make up the competency Resilience.

So, when Bookboon asked me to write a short eBook on Resilience, the main challenge was limiting the amount of content, tools, and tips that I have amassed over many years.  I am very grateful to Bookboon and to a wide range of clients, business partners, associates, and friends for all their thoughts on Resilience. 

If you would like to know more about this subject, you can read my eBook on Resilience here, or listen to my Expert Audio Talk on Managing Stress here:

Please enjoy the exercises, tools, and techniques and if you need any help or any more support, please do contact me:

‘At the onset of the pandemic I was struggling to spin so many plates and be strong for my team. I will be forever grateful to you for making me understand the power of my thoughts and how I can take control and make major positive changes.  Resilient is the new me!’ Senior Manager

Stay positive, stay safe!

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