Natural Talent is 18 Years Old!

Natural Talent is 18 Years Old!

Natural Talent is 18 Years Old!

Incredibly, it was over 18 years ago that I went on holiday to Australia and, as I watched the sunset on an empty Scarborough Beach, I started to sketch out some ideas for following my dream to start my own company – literally on the back of a beer wrapper!  Many months later, when I couldn’t think of a name for the company, a friend said: ‘you’ve got so much natural talent - you’ll come up with a name soon.’  That was it and the rest, as they say, is history! 

In the beginning there were a lot of naysayers around, telling me that there was no way I would ever be able to earn a living offering similar services to the big global Consultancies.  However, I ignored them as I wanted to provide an alternative, highly accessible and flexible service to clients with bespoke Coaching and Training, providing real value for money and high ROI.  I have always been driven by a purpose to assist clients in resolving their key issues and making a significant difference to the behaviour and performance of individuals, teams and their organisations.  My aim is always to help them to create healthier, happier and more efficient working and home environments.  Never did I imagine that living my passion would mean Natural Talent would get to come of age and be 18 years old! 

So, I’d like to say a very big thank you to all my amazing clients, associates, partner Consultancies, suppliers and friends, who have supported me thus far, with a special mention to taniarichardsphotography for so many enjoyable photoshoots.  Right from the outset, the majority of my clients have come from referrals, thanks to the recommendations from the wonderful HR professionals in one of my first global client organisations.

As a result, I’m very privileged to be trusted to work confidentially with Boards, C-suite executives, VPs and managers in some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as large public sector clients and local SMEs.  Sometimes I’m the Executive Coach, who is supporting high profile clients confidentially behind the headlines.  I’m very lucky to have worked across most functions and in most sectors; pre-Covid, I travelled to work with clients in the US, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia and Switzerland.  For 12 years I’ve also been providing Coaching online to clients from Australia, to the Middle East, to California.  So, when we went in to lockdown last year, I was fortunate to be very used to working from home and was able to carry on Coaching clients online abroad, but also - for the first time - remotely in the UK.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is seeing clients, who have been made redundant, get a new and often better job.  When I set up Natural Talent my mission was to genuinely help clients to ‘realize their true potential,’ by building on their skills and developing their natural talent.  In my previous career, I was usually able to combine my love of sport, especially Rugby Union, with work and corporate hospitality.  At Natural Talent I also wanted to ‘give something back,’ so I decided to provide around 40% - 50% of my work pro bono, in particular to retiring or injured athletes and military personnel.  Providing  Career Transition and Outplacement Support is incredibly rewarding and has resulted in making many friends for life.

There have been so many highlights thus far, often involving all the different nationalities I have met and worked with on my trips, where I’ve also managed to enjoy some great ‘workations’ in many beautiful locations.  In addition, I’m very fortunate to have attended a world-class High Performance Leadership and Strategy for Growth Programme with clients at Stanford Graduate School of Business; a special thank you to all those involved in that training and the overseas trips.  Of course, there has also been a huge amount of hard work behind the scenes to be able to support clients across different timezones and to deliver sustainable and measurable results for them.

As for the future, I’m going to continue to innovate, keep upskilling and learning - often from my clients when they recommend books or talks that I haven’t seen and that can provide additional useful insights in to Leadership Development.  I’m also really honoured to have been asked to develop and record many of my blogs as expert audio talks.  Similarly, I’m really privileged to have been commissioned to write an ebook on Resilience  Along with Leading and Managing Change and developing Strategic Awareness,  Resilience has definitely been one of the most necessary skills I’ve continued to develop, both in myself and with clients, over the past 16 months since Covid-19 changed the world and some of my Coaching assignments have been the most challenging, but rewarding, of the past 18 years.

So, here’s to at least another 18 years of Natural Talent!

Jill’s Coaching style is highly motivating and impactful.  She provides practical, solutions-focused Coaching to achieve swift results which create excellent ROI.’  COO

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