What are the Key Issues being Addressed in Coaching during Lockdown?

What are the Key Issues being Addressed in Coaching during Lockdown?

What are the Key Issues being Addressed in Coaching during Lockdown?

Over the past two weeks I keep being asked what I’ve been doing during Lockdown.  Friends who are furloughed and sometimes bored or on a long walk will call during the day and ask me what I’m actually doing during quarantine; suppliers who phone for a chat and a few clients and connections on Linkedin have been asking me the same question. 

I’ve been working very flexibly with existing and new clients, including helping out HR teams and associates who needed extra capacity: at the beginning of lockdown I offered Resilience Coaching and more pro bono support and pastoral care for 6 days a week including outside normal office hours for those who were home schooling or working unusual hours.  Whilst I am still available to provide pastoral care in-between Coaching, the number of calls has diminished in the last two weeks, as more people are coping with the ‘new normal’ and there has been a shift towards trying to get back to some sort of BAU. 

The pandemic has caused so much tragedy and so many hidden challenges; it continues to have a major impact financially, socially, physically and emotionally on many people across all walks of life.  However, there are some positives: aside from most individuals being able to save money on petrol, clothes, holidays and socializing, in business there are signs of hope and recovery: some companies are still hiring, some are even expanding, many employees are being asked to step up  and are being promoted.  

Fortunately, I am used to Coaching via video calls due to working with a diverse range of global clients.  So, here’s a snapshot of some of the key issues we have been addressing in virtual meetings during lockdown:

Executive Coaching and Mentoring:

Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching:

Resilience Coaching:

Business Coaching:

  • How to expand in to new markets during lockdown
  • How to recruit during lockdown

Of course, I have to practice what I preach, so I am still making time to keep fit, to sit in the garden really appreciating the views and to catch up with friends ‘after hours.’  However, as yet I haven’t managed to bake one single cake, nor learnt to play one chord on the guitar, nor finish one chaper of the two books I'm writing.  But, it doesn’t matter – there will be plenty of time for all that and more!

Stay Safe!

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