Why Compassionate Leadership will be in demand in the ‘New Future’

Why Compassionate Leadership will be in demand in the ‘New Future’

Why Compassionate Leadership will be in demand in the ‘New Future’

Covid-19 looks set to have changed the world, and especially the world of work, forever.  The first enforced lockdown accelerated digital transformation with over half the working population in the UK moving to working from home  within hours in March 2020.  Remote working became part of the ‘new normal’ and will continue to figure largely in the future of work; the majority of employees are reportedly enjoying the new-found flexibility, despite trying to juggle home schooling with BAU during lockdowns.  As a result, leaders have had to flex their styles and draw on their skills more than ever to create the right balance between being compassionate whilst maintaining engagement and productivity levels.  An authoritarian leadership style had already become out-dated even pre-Covid.  However, as many leaders now have a lens in to the homes of their team members, they need to become even more understanding of the negative impacts of the coronavirus on their workforce and the need for a work/life balance.

Since the onset of Covid-19 some popular country leaders and role models have surfaced, none less than New Zealand’s President, Jacinda Ardern, whose quick and tough decisions have been delivered with empathy, thus enabling the country to be almost Covid free.  Of course,  sadly the opposite has been true of the Trump administration in the US.  Whether in politics or in industry, Compassionate Leadership looks set to become more necessary and in demand in the ‘new future’.

So what does Compassionate leadership involve?  It’s when leaders practice Active Listening with their teams, encouraging collaboration and empowering them to make collective decisions, whilst demonstrating empathy, as well as taking action to support them.  It is an extension of Authentic Leadership – leading by example and exercising Emotional Intelligence.

This leadership style will continue to be required in order to create a positive working culture during ongoing Change and Uncertainty.  Covid-19 has exacerbated any existing issues in the workplace, whether underlying conflictsheavy workloads, lack of resource, or already stressed-out employees.  Outside work, if someone is dealing with a key life event, such as serious illness, death of a loved one, or relationship break up, then coronavirus has accentuated the pain and hardship: remember that divorce cases had risen by 31% since the first lockdown in the UK!  What Covid-19 has taught us is that there are many team members who may look alright on the outside, but who have underlying health issues, are caring for vulnerable adults, have elderly relatives in care homes, or are suffering from Long-Covid. 

Even before the coronavirus caused havoc, 1 in 4 people in the UK were struggling with mental health.  Now workers are dealing with screen fatigue, lockdown fatigue, struggling with lethargy and the Winter Blues.  Many employees haven’t had a proper holiday for months and even the most resilient are experiencing a lack of mental capacity, as well as feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  To utilize the over-used term ‘now more than ever’ there is an appetite to see even more integrity, honesty and compassion from leaders.  As political power shifts in the US, let’s have hope that strong values, ethics and Compassionate Leadership become normal in the ‘new future.’  

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Be kind, stay safe, stay positive.

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