Why you should still aim for your Dream Job

Why you should still aim for your Dream Job

Why you should still aim for your Dream Job

‘Should I still aim for my Dream Job?’  is one of the most frequently asked questions during recent Career and Outplacement Coaching  meetings.  My answer is always ‘yes, definitely’  of course with a few practical caveats!  Another of my clients has landed his dream role after just one application; he had worked hard on researching the organization and we had spent time practicing interview techniques:

‘Thank you so much for your time and useful insights.  Having a safe space to discuss my concerns about my chosen role has helped immensely; as did your hiring experience and the interview practice.  I start in January!’  Director

Whilst this is another very rewarding success story, many organizations are continuing to make redundancies and economic predictions look very bleak; as a result, many job seekers are considering whether to retrain or compromise on their future career aspirations. 

Ahead of all Career and Outplacement Coaching sessions  I always send over some hard-hitting questions for clients to reflect on before we start work together; these include the usual queries around objectives, accomplishments and failures, in order for us to create a bespoke strategic career plan.  I also ask about their key strengths and areas to improve.  However, the more probing questions are around what constitutes the client’s perfect or dream job, their ideal future, what motivates them, and their personal interests and passions. 

Once you start to consider your medium to long-term life plan, your values, and changes you are prepared to make with hard work, that’s when the light-bulb moments occur.  If you are prepared to put yourself out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears, and work on dealing with your inner negative voice, real progress can be made.

Naturally, during a global pandemic and major global recession, one of the key concerns is how to keep paying the bills.  This is why some job seekers are giving up on their dreams and taking a lesser paid job or part-time role so they can pay the rent or mortgage in the short-term.  However, it’s important to remember that, even though coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the resultant recession could last a while, you shouldn’t give up on your long-term hopes and dreams.  The situation will improve and the key is to be prepared with the right action plan and the relevant skills to continue to follow your dreams.   

Whilst lockdowns can be very frustrating, challenging and isolating, they can also provide an opportunity to develop different skills with the many online and free courses available.  Despite the current gloomy job market, many organizations are continuing to recruit  and my Outplacement  clients have secured roles within months or even a few weeks and have succeeded in securing improved positions.  Whilst some of my pro bono Coaching  clients have changed career to secure a role, a few are retraining to pursue their dream role with renewed hope and a more positive attitude.

Good luck, stay positive, stay safe.

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