Natural Talent provides world-class assessment and development including Executive Coaching and MentoringCareer and Transition Coaching, Resilience Coaching, Business CoachingExecutive Assessment, including 360 Feedback, and Leadership Training and Management Training.  

If you or your staff are struggling to cope with the current Changes, Uncertainty, Pressure or key Life Events, then our Resilience Coaching and Mentoring can allow you to offload and receive support in order to regain a healthy and positive mindset.  In a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space you can discuss key issues and have an objective sounding board regarding any tough decisions or actions, whilst learning practical coping techniques with qualified and highly experienced Coach, Jill Maidment, via Video Conferencing or Telephone. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions are available for 1 hour or 2 hours, 6 days a week.  Please contact Jill in absolute confidence to find out more details or to book a Coaching Session.

The Resilience Coaching Sessions will help you to cope with the current challenges and develop your Resilience by honing a variety of skills, such as:

As a Result of the Coaching Sessions, you will have:

  • Identified what Stress is and assessed your Stress levels
  • Understood what effects Stress has on you and your lives
  • Developed Resilience in order to travel along the Change Curve and ‘bounce-back’ more quickly from set-backs and key life events
  • Learnt how to cope with the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response
  • Practised how to better Manage Change, Uncertainty and Pressure
  • Deployed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques 
  • Created a SMART Action Plan with Goals to keep you on track

Some people are naturally more resilient than others and appear to have the mental toughness to cope with pressure, adversity and major setbacks and to recover more quickly.  However, during crises it is helpful to talk through issues and develop your skills in Resilience, which can combat stress and anxiety, assist in silencing the inner critic, and help you cope better. 

Resilience Coaching and Training can decrease sickness absence levels from between 33% - 60%; this holistic and preventative approach has been used effectively by the US military since 2009.  Resilience is a complex set of skills and behaviours, which are affected by beliefs and personality styles and which differ greatly from one person to another.  It is often referred to as the ability to bounce back from adversity.

‘I found Jill’s listening and engagement very helpful. If you want a coach that’s engaging and full of mind-opening thoughts Jill Maidment is perfect.’  Chief Information Officer, Finance

‘I cannot thank you enough.  I had completely lost any sense of perspective since the issues at work.  Your empathy and understanding are deep; you made me realize that I am only part of the problem.  We’re using the tools and techniques you recommended to start to move forward and address the main challenges’.  Head of IT

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Success Stories

Working with global brands, Natural Talent addresses key behavioural and business issues, creates high performance, and measurable results, whist delivering excellent ROI.

Client Testimonials

‘The Coaching was absolutely brilliant! After just 4 sessions I had made a real effort to change my behaviour. The techniques and models I’ve practiced have made me much more effective at work as well as helping my home life run more smoothly. You have literally transformed me and my life. Thank you.’

Head of Design, Agency

‘Excellent investment. Our Sales Director is much more focused and effective; as a result the Sales team is back to hitting and exceeding targets again. Thank you.’

CEO, Manufacturing

‘No matter what the issue, whether an HR/interpersonal/organizational problem, Jill Maidment is the trusted professional whose wisdom and experience will guide you and your company through the challenges; she creates monumental change and success.’

HR Director

‘Jill Maidment of Natural Talent gives so much insight, support and advice; she genuinely cares about her clients but is also assertive and commercially minded. Natural Talent are well qualified to provide you and your SLT with the right balance of check and challenge.’