Natural Talents Coaching Programs always lead to significant and sustainable behavioral change.  We work with you in total confidence as your trusted business advisor and can assist you and your leaders in addressing issues such as improving communication and negotiation skills, inadequate delegation and empowerment, inefficient planning and organizing, high/low assertiveness levels, tough decision making, implementing and managing change, stress and lifestyle management, poor working relationships.  Natural Talents Coaching always leads to improved leadership and management capability, measurably increased performance and a positive impact on the business. As a result of our Coaching Programs, 94% of senior managers in our client organizations have been promoted. At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales, our Coaching focuses on immediate work-related tasks as well as personal development and therefore leads to improved business results. Coaching works exceptionally well with high potentials or when you have identified development needs and blind spots and you are keen to improve performance, learn new skills and subsequently have the possibility to attain a promotion. In order to ensure that you do not ‘revert to type’ under pressure and return to old behaviors from before the Coaching, you will be encouraged to obtain ongoing constructive feedback from a work ‘buddy’, as well as enlisting the support of your Line Manager to keep monitoring the actions from the SMART Coaching Action Plan.