Success Story – Executive Business Coaching, Leadership Development, and Facilitated Senior Team Away Days in global organizations in Consumer Packaged Goods

Working in the UK and Europe to deliver Executive Coaching and Leadership Development to global companies including Graphic Packaging International, Matthew Clark, Proctor and Gamble, Shiner: improving key leadership competencies and strategic awareness in order to create further growth, rationalization, and structure. Results include a more organized, effective and strategic approach, increased delegation and empowerment of the growing senior teams, improving communication, the introduction of leadership and management competency frameworks and performance reviews.

Business Issue

C suite executives had received feedback regarding their Communication and Leadership styles, and their delegation and organizational skills, which they wanted to improve during Executive Coaching sessions, in order to become more effective.  

In addition, Facilitated Senior Team Away Days were required to encourage more collaborative working, followed by a Leadership Development Program to ensure that senior managers acquired the skills to achieve the following:

  • To identify how best to manage self and others
  • To become more self-aware
  • To identify their own style vis a vis others
  • To identify how they could modify their style to build more effective working relationships with differing Key stakeholders
  • To improve Active Listening and Open Questioning
  • To improve Negotiating and Influencing skills
  • To significantly improve Delegation
  • To be able to give effective and constructive feedback
  • To identify leadership styles and models and when to use them
  • To highlight the importance of developing their people or ‘soft skills’


  • Executive Coaching Programs were delivered for leaders to become more effective, increase revenue, enable the management teams to understand, follow, and embed the vision and strategy
  • Highly interactive Leadership Development modules were designed and delivered by Natural Talent confronting real life individual, team and business issues in a confidential and trusting environment.  

    Modules included:
  • How to Understand and adapt your Personality and Leadership style to create success
  • How to actively listen and use questioning and Coaching methods to get the best results from your teams
  • How to give clear direction to better motivate, inspire and develop team members
  • Challenging negative beliefs in order to further develop Emotional Intelligence in order to better manage Stress, build more effective working relationships and manage interpersonal conflict
  • Avoiding procrastination by analyzing facts and situations, to make strong decisions 
  • Increasing levels of delegation to empower team members and free up time from being ‘task focused’ to create space to be more strategic


All the leaders, who had received Executive Coaching, were promoted.  The leadership teams were more efficient, new SMARTer working was introduced, and revenues increased.

‘You are very good at this; I am extremely pleased with the Executive Coaching.  As a result of working on SMART goals the company is performing better than ever.'  European Manufacturing Director

‘I don’t know quite what you’ve done in the Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching, but productivity and performance levels are better than ever. Thank you!’  CEO, Packaging

‘Many thanks, it was a pleasure to work with you. I received excellent feedback on the Training and Coaching activities, all good!'  International Brand Manager, International Operations

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