Success Story – Talent Assessment, Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Management Development within organizations in the Retail and Leisure sectors

Assessing and developing leadership and customer service teams in household brands, such as G Plan, Bristol Airport, Shiner, Bristol Zoo, Cunard, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Mobile. Facilitating Board meetings, improving leadership capability and emotional intelligence, developing and retaining high potentials.

Business Issue

Facilitated Cross Team Effectiveness and Teambuilding days were required in order to discuss and overcome any key issues. Assessment Centres were required to recruit national Customer Service Representatives. Train the Trainer Programmes were needed to develop Customer Services Team Leaders. Executive Coaching was required to upskill high potentials and leaders to deliver key strategic objectives.


The overall aim of the Team Effectiveness and Teambuilding days was to create mutual respect and understanding and to develop stronger working relationships so that team members would feel comfortable with challenging decisions and inputting creative ideas in a respectful way. Natural Talent facilitated a highly interactive, dynamic yet safe environment for key issues to be discussed in a constructive, non-critical debate with plenty of peer to peer and group feedback.

They also assisted in interviewing and assessing hundreds of staff for new positions, using a range of Personality Questionnaires, Occupational Tests, Competency Based Interviewing and Group Exercises, resulting in high performing teams.

Natural Talent’s effective and popular Coaching Training style was utilized to deliver Train the Trainer Programmes for new team leaders and inspirational and motivating Executive Coaching Programmes were designed and delivered to create significant behavioural change and transformation.


Results from the Team Effectiveness and Teambuilding days included:

  • silos being broken down
  • more effective working relationships being built
  • participants understood more about their own and their colleagues Personality styles and how to flex their styles accordingly to improve working relationships
  • the dynamics of an effective team were learnt and implemented
  • key strengths and areas of improvement within each team were identified and developed
  • a new Team Charter was signed with new ways of cross-functional working

Results from the Train the Trainer Programmes included:

Results from the Executive Coaching Programmes included:

  • Increased Confidence to recruit and manage diverse teams
  • A more focused approach to delivering the vision and strategic plan
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Ability to lead and deal with ongoing organizational Change
  • Development of critical thinking tools
  • Improved Communication and Stakeholder Management

‘Jill is a very effective Executive Coach who assists clients in breaking their old habits and learning new behaviours. She provides very practical tools and techniques to ensure that you don’t regress under pressure. We have used Jill's services on several occasions over the past few years. She has been excellent each time; and has approached our "brief" with great enthusiasm. She has always paid close attention to what we have needed, and has delivered great results for us.  Highly recommended for mentoring & team building.’  Director of Commercial Operations

'Congratulations on facilitating our offsite.  Again, you utilised the right balance of assertiveness and challenge, versus empathy and understanding. Due to your calm approach we were all able to discuss and resolve the major issues without too much emotion, which was highly valued.'  CEO, Retail

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