Board Facilitation

If your Board meetings need to run to time, are energized and deliver measurable outcomes, then Natural Talent can provide an experienced, professional Facilitator to assist in managing more effective face to face or virtual meetings.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure that your Board meeting takes place in a dynamic and highly participative environment with respectful challenge according to best practice guidelines, including the following:

  • The agenda has been pre-circulated and agreed
  • There is a pre-defined objective to agree what needs to be achieved and how success will be measured, for example, solving a particular problem, improving a process, developing an ongoing plan, agreeing a key decision, generating ideas, developing a strategy, discussing resources, sign-off of proposals or projects
  • Every member contributes, healthy discussion is encouraged and unproductive debate is closed down with some issues taken offline
  • Challenging comments and situations are dealt with professionally
  • Input is strategic, not operational
  • The right open questions are asked at the right time for clarification
  • Interruptions are kept to a minimum
  • Consensus is achieved and the Board are aligned behind the vision and strategy
  • Important discussions are not left to the end
  • All key points are summarized and actions agreed, with all members clear on the outcomes
  • Feedback is gained on what worked well and what could be improved
  • Minutes are circulated within 24 hours with action points for each responsible member

'10/10 as usual for facilitating another of our Board meetings, Jill; you keep us focused on the agenda and action points, constantly ensuring that all our KPIs and teams are aligned with the company’s global vision and strategy. This is translating noticeably in to an improvement in business results as well as engagement.’ CEO, Finance

‘We appreciated your objective and professional approach, intervening at key points to keep us on track and deal with the big issues.  As a result, our day was much more focused and strategic as well as productive.' CEO, Retail

Success Stories

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