Career and Transition Coaching, and Outplacement Support

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we work in partnership with HR teams and individuals, who may be affected by organizational restructures and could be facing redeployment or redundancy, or who require intensive high-quality results-driven Career Coaching to develop, upskill, and progress rapidly in their current organization to reach the C-suite or Director level.  

Our Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching supports clients in a positive impactful way as they make the transition from their current role into a new position, self-employment or retirement.  97% of our exiting executives and managers have found a new role within 2 months.  94% of our clients have been promoted to senior positions following our Career and Executive Coaching and Mentoring.  We continue to support executives in their onboarding for up to 120 days.

For 20 years Natural Talent has been supporting many individual clients, including CEOs, C-suite executives, VPs and senior managers in global brands across a wide range of industries, as well as public sector organizations and large SMEs.  Please contact us for a free, confidential chat, or to book a Coaching session.

Our highly successful bespoke 1:1 Career Transition Coaching and Outplacement Support involve robust Talent Assessments  with challenging questions to identify key motivators, what would constitute an ideal job, and what’s missing now. Your levels of Leadership and Management skills and competencies are assessed then developed and Personality Questionnaires completed to identify and develop key strengths and any areas for improvement.  Candidates are able to practice robust interview techniques and psychometric tests whilst receiving constructive and motivational feedback in a confidential, safe, motivating environment.

Our client organizations have experienced high ROI as a result of our Career Transition and Outplacement Programs:

  • Minimizing reputational risk to the brand
  • Lessening any downturn in productivity and engagement
  • Creating alignment with the strategy and values
  • Ensuring smooth transitions that support the affected individuals
  • Reducing stress and anxiety amongst those who are leaving and those who are still employed
  • Cutting sickness/absence rates
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Engendering loyalty amongst remaining employees
  • Aiding future Talent Management and Succession Planning

As a departing executive or manager you will also benefit from on-demand support in the following ways:

  • Having an objective, experienced trusted advisor to talk to openly and honestly about how you feel
  • Rebuilding any loss of confidence and developing a positive mental attitude
  • Identifying key achievements
  • Coping with uncertainty, pressure and change
  • Gaining assistance in making key decisions
  • Receiving expert guidance and advice to be able to clarify all available options
  • Setting short-term and long-term SMART goals, with a structure to any time off to avoid becoming either deflated or a ‘busy fool’
  • Creating an engaging CV and Linkedin Profile
  • Linking with Executive Search Firms, Recruitment Agencies, and Job Boards
  • Identifying any relevant courses or blended learning  
  • Signposting to financial and legal advice to be better informed for decision-making and risk management
  • Managing expectations of key stakeholders, including peers, family, friends, and potential future employers
  • Creating a work/life balance
  • Feeling that you’re not alone

‘I cannot thank you enough.  When I was made redundant, I felt very isolated and thought my career was over.  You made me see all the positives and helped me acknowledge all my previous successes.  With your practical Career Coaching and empathic Outplacement Support, I rediscovered my confidence and landed my dream job within a couple of months!’  CTO, Tech

‘As a Mentor, you’ve been metaphorically holding my hand through some big career challenges and decisions. Without your support and guidance, I would not have got this promotion, nor stabilized the team; many thanks.’  VP, Sales

Jill Maidment is the Director of Natural Talent.  You can listen to her Audio Book on Creating effective Personal Development Plans here

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Success Stories

Working with global brands, Natural Talent addresses key behavioural and business issues, creates high performance, and measurable results, whist delivering excellent ROI.

Client Testimonials

‘Thank you so much for all your help. Your insight and advice have enabled me to make the hardest decisions of my life. As a result of spending just 2 hours with you, my whole attitude to my current situation has changed; you enabled me to face up to the challenges ahead in a positive way and to refocus on my priorities.’

Head of Finance

‘You are an excellent Career Coach and have provided me with several new ways of dealing with challenges at work as well as the tools needed to put these in to practice. I gained more confidence in my ability to resolve conflicts, improve my time management skills and balance my work and home life.’