Group Coaching

What are the Benefits of Group Coaching?

Over the past few years, there has been a growth in demand for Group Coaching, which tends to involve four – six individuals being Coached at the same time.  This involves more than one Coaching client receiving Coaching from a qualified, experienced Executive Business Coach to achieve set objectives, improve skills, resolve key issues in a safe environment, and receive peer-to-peer feedback.  Group Coaching may involve new leaders, high potential team members, or a number of employees who need to develop in a certain area.  The Coaching differs from traditional classroom Training methods, as it is highly interactive, with the Executive Coach asking lots of open questions and facilitating a highly interactive discussion. 

There are many Benefits of Group Coaching, including:

  • It tends to be cheaper than individual 1:1 Executive Coaching or group Leadership or Management Training!
  • The Executive Coach can see the group dynamic and how different personality types work together, which helps to develop effective working relationships - cross-functionally or skip-level
  • The Executive Coach can facilitate the Coaching session to lead to problem solving  and decision making, knowledge and skill sharing, and personal growth
  • Instant peer feedback can be provided on colleagues’ behaviour, comments, challenges, and views
  • Develops an open, honest, and trust-based culture
  • Provides a positive shared experience - even more important in the hybrid workplace
  • Provides an opportunity for individuals from different functions, and even countries, who don’t normally work together to collaborate and debate important topics in a safe virtual environment, which assists in breaking down silos
  • Provides peer to peer cohort support in-between the Coaching sessions
  • Develops listening and questioning skills and a Coaching style
  • Improves emotional intelligence from participants receiving instant feedback, hearing different insights, and benchmarking against peers
  • Establishes a strong sense of team working through a mutual experience
  • Ensures that each individual is accountable not only to their Executive Coach, but also to their peers, which enhances goal attainment
  • Encourages individuals to highlight key issues to their own line managers as a collective, as opposed to being concerned about having an isolated point of view
  • Improves overall management and leadership skills by identifying and observing best practice
  • Increases employee engagement  and creates a combined sense of purpose
  • Improves skills, processes, procedures, and ways of working
  • Contributes to the sharing of valuable information, updates, and ideas
  • Improves stakeholder engagement and the understanding of others wants and needs
  • Improves strategic and organizational awareness
  • Discusses real-life scenarios to identify themes and opportunities
  • Allows time away from the day job and high workload to be more reflective, creative, and strategic
  • Enables participants to learn from each other and think through how they may change their behaviour or response in certain situations
  • Retention levels may improve as employees feel valued, listened to, supported, and that the organization is investing time and money in their development

Group Coaching can also be highly effective when combined with a Leadership or Management Development Programme, where cohorts work on real-life business scenarios with their Executive Coach to embed their learning. 

‘Thank you again for another brilliant Coaching session; a couple of us continued our discussion offline and as a result have set up a new system.  This breakthrough would never have happened without your prompts and us realizing we are all coming up against the same log jams!’  Leader, global distribution

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