How to Coach and Mentor Your Team

How to Coach and Mentor Your Team

Gone are the days when an authoritative style of Leadership or Management was regarded as acceptable or the norm.  Nowadays, in the complex hybrid workplace, leaders and managers are expected to act as Coaches and Mentors for their teams.

Knowing how and when to Coach and/or Mentor your team is crucial to foster a trusting, collaborative, and developmental culture.  Managers who are new to Coaching may ask too many questions.  This method is effective but can take up a lot of time and result in frustration with the Coachee becoming annoyed at being asked too often: ‘How does that make you feel?’ or ‘What do you wish you had done?Coaching sessions can then end up dealing with only one issue, going round in circles, not resolving key issues, nor creating a SMART Action Plan for improvement and ongoing development. 

On the other end of the scale may be the more senior leader who has a 'telling' style and does not ask enough questions to find out with their manager really needs or wants, and what their development areas are.  This Training module can assit in improving all styles.

During this Development Module your managers will:

  • Identify the Difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  • Understand more about their Personality and how to better Coach others
  • Learn how to structure a Coaching Session
  • Practise several effective Coaching Models
  • Understand the importance of Active Listening and Open Questioning
  • Complete a series of Coaching Wheels
  • Learn how to address complex issues
  • Focus on developing key Leadership and Management Competencies
  • Identify how to encourage behavioral change
  • Understand the importance of 360 Feedback
  • Give and receive constructive Feedback
  • Agree how to make the tough decisions when Coaching or Mentoring
  • Develop a SMART Action Plan for future development
  • Practise techniques for Talent Management and Succession Planning

Jill Maidment is the Founder and Director of Natural Talent.  She is a highly respected, sought-after and effective International Executive Business Coach and Mentor, Career and Transition Coach, Resilience Coach and British Psychological Society qualified Assessor.  For 20 years Jill and our Associates have been providing high impact, solutions-focused Coaching and Training to leaders, managers and their teams in some of the world’s largest organizations, as well as working with professional firms and large public sector organizations and SMEs. 

Please contact Jill for a confidential initial chat to find out more about our services or to book a Training session.

‘I can see why they describe you as a Veteran Exec Coach and Mentor!  And why they say that you’ve not just got the Coaching T-shirt, but that you designed it!  No matter how difficult and challenging the issues I brought to the table, you were always able to offer an objective and non-judgemental sounding board, as well as excellent, practical advice.  Thank you for the major difference you’ve help to create in me and my team.’ CEO

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