Effective Meetings Management

Meetings have become the scourge of many companies with a meeting culture preventing many managers from being productive as well as adding to an increasing workload.  According to a survey by Management Today managers tend to spend between 35 – 50% of their working week in meetings. Depending on the salaries of those attending some estimates suggest that meetings can cost companies up to £500,000 per year.  Since the increase in remote working managers and team members are spending more time than ever in online meetings.

However, meetings can be very productive if a few questions are asked in advance and organizers and attendees adhere to a few basic guidelines.

During this Development Module your managers will learn how to:

  • decide whether a meeting/attendance is appropriate
  • ensure that meetings are effective and productive
  • set key, relevant objectives
  • plan and prepare a meeting
  • acquire key skills to chair meetings
  • structure meetings to enable real results
  • keep focused and manage the agenda
  • facilitate contributions from participants
  • handle supportive or disruptive behaviors
  • review their presentation skills in meetings
  • give and receive open and constructive feedback
  • develop a SMART Action Plan for future development

‘Good mix with the group - took a casual and informal, friendly approach.’  HR Manager, Public Sector

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