Executive Coaching

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we create significant, lasting behavioral change and measurable results with our challenging and highly motivational Executive Coaching and Mentoring.  

We work as confidential trusted advisers with CEOs, C-suite executives, VPs and senior managers in global brands across a wide range of industries, as well as public sector organizations and large SMEs. Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring creates a powerful measurable impact on individual, team and business performance with Return on Investment often in excess of 7,000%.  

If your executives need to become more strategic and effective, in order to work 'on' the business rather than 'in' it, then we can assist in aligning objectives and teams with your organization’s strategy in order to increase productivity and profits.  In order to ensure success, we utilize the latest Executive Assessment tools, including online and Face to Face 360 Feedback and Personality Profiles to identify key development areas and assist your leaders in gaining real insight into their behaviors, leadership styles and team dynamics. In-between Coaching Sessions your executives will practice highly effective tools and techniques whilst working on real-life business scenarios, thus saving time and money and creating real, tangible outputs.

Jill Maidment and our Executive Coaches will work with your CEOs, VPs and SMTs to help them develop their Leadership and Management Competencies, reduce or eliminate their blind spots, be open to constructive feedback in order to be more successful, see the big picture, align their strategies to achieve maximum performance and break age-old limiting habits and behavior patterns.  Natural Talents Executive Coaching prevents executives from reverting to their default behavior under pressure and enables them to realize the benefits of developing their interpersonal skills in order to build better working relationships with the Board, key Stakeholders and clients, as well as helping them to motivate their teams and increase employee engagement.

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we adopt a consultative approach to all our Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes. In order to work with you on the most relevant key issues and development areas, we usually recommend a Personality Questionnaire or 360 Feedback Review and an inventory of Leadership and Management Competencies.  When more is understood about your key behaviors and objectives we develop bespoke Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs in order to greatly improve your impact and effectiveness as a Leader or Manager. We normally recommend Coaching clients attend between 6 and 8 sessions with a follow-up session 3 months after the last session to monitor progress and ensure continuing behavioral and attitudinal change, empowering our clients to become self-sufficient.

The first Executive Coaching session will identify your key issues, objectives, challenges, concerns, achievements, KPIs, key motivators and development areas.  SMART objectives are then set, developed, and progress reviewed at each session.  Initially, the Natural Talent Executive Coach will assist you in identifying what drives your behavior. Together we then mark your current behavior and the key proven Leadership and Management Competencies out of 10, identifying what success would look like and developing a SMART Coaching Action Plan to get you there.

During the Executive Coaching Program, you will work on relevant educational elements, principles that address behavior change and proven, practical tools and techniques that will greatly enhance your individual performance and consequently that of your team and the business.  During and in-between Coaching sessions you will practise the principles, tools and techniques on real-life business scenarios and evaluate what works best at the next Coaching session.

During Executive Coaching and Mentoring leaders are able to overcome blind spots, move to the next level of responsibility, execute strategy, enhance team effectiveness and in turn develop their direct reports.  Overall outputs also include increased engagement, improved retention levels, positive culture change, and increased productivity and profit, providing excellent ROI.  Quantitative reviews suggest that Coaching Programs can achieve improvements of 25% – 50% with an ROI of around 500%, however, this can be in excess of 7,000% as key executives and senior managers are usually retained in their current role, become more effective, and overall their teams become much more engaged and productive. 

‘I have been working with Jill Maidment for the past year and I have found her support and guidance invaluable. The skill sets that Jill has helped me develop to drive and lead a sales team have been so effective.  I have completely changed my thought process, Jill has added so much value to my development I cannot thank her enough.  If you are looking for 121 Coaching, full of positive energy, challenging, even soul searching then I cannot recommend Natural Talent more highly, Thank you, Jill.’  Head of Sales, Finance

‘Jill was my coach for a year in which time I found her listening and engagement very helpful. If you want a coach that's engaging, welcoming and full of mind-opening thoughts Jill is perfect.’  CIO, Finance

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Success Stories

Working with global brands, Natural Talent addresses key behavioural and business issues, creates high performance, and measurable results, whist delivering excellent ROI.

Client Testimonials

“Jill Maidment is an excellent executive coach and mentor, who worked in our company on a number of coaching assignments. She is very effective in identifying the key areas of development and in providing practical support through a change process. I can see today the ensuring improvement in our managers who worked with Jill.”

Managing Director, Engineering, Dublin

‘If you want to be challenged, motivated and for once really do want to change your attitude and behaviors for life, then Jill Maidment’s the Coach. And, if your team or your business needs to be transformed dramatically, then call her!’

CEO, Europe