Face to Face 360 Feedback Reviews

Natural Talent’s Face to Face 360 Feedback Review is one of the most effective methods in the world of providing a detailed and robust assessment of leadership and management strengths and development areas ahead of any Executive Coaching or Mentoring, Career Transition and Outplacement CoachingLeadership Development, Management Development or Talent Management Program. Video calls can be used to conduct interviews and deliver the 360 Feedback Reports.  ROI is often in excess of 7,000%.

The process for your Face to Face 360 Feedback Review would involve these steps:

  1. Your HR Professional and Leader obtains buy in for the process by communicating it in a positive way and highlighting the benefits.
  2. In order to achieve a complete rounded view and specific behavioral pinpointing questions to assess key strengths and development areas, your HR Professional and Leader provide existing data from appraisals and business results to demonstrate progress to date.
  3. Your HR Professional and Leader ask your senior managers to identify their 360 Feedback Interviewees, who should be those who will give the most constructive, balanced view i.e. not ‘friends’. In order to assess your senior managers in the most effective way, we would recommend spending a minimum of 1.5 – 2 hours each, with:
    • Four peers
    • Four direct reports
    • CEO
    • ‘Self’ – the senior Manager
  4. In order to deliver a world class 360 Feedback Review, Natural Talent recommends developing a bespoke Leadership or Management Competency Model and a 360 Feedback Model to assess senior managers for Leadership Development, Talent Management and/or Succession Planning. The models should be tailored to your specific requirements with all 360 questions to be aligned with your Leadership principles and values.
  5. Your HR Professional and Leader agree the Leadership Competency Model and 360 Feedback Model and Natural Talent develops the 360 Feedback questions.
  6. A qualified Executive Coach from Natural Talent conducts all interviews Face to Face with managers and their identified Line Manager/CEO, Peers, and Direct Reports.
  7. The Natural Talent qualified Executive Coach writes the 360 Feedback Report (20 – 40 pages) with a SMART Coaching Action Plan with recommendations for ongoing development i.e. Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Further Education – as appropriate.
  8. The 360 Feedback Report is delivered by Natural Talent’s qualified Executive Coach face to face in a confidential, trusting, open, honest environment.
  9. A Topline Summary of the 360 Feedback Report may be provided to the Board and data integrated in to Succession Planning and Talent Management initiatives with further recommendations.

Jill Maidment is the Founder and Director of Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales. She is a highly respected, sought-after and effective International Executive Business Coach and Mentor, Career and Transition Coach, Resilience Coach and British Psychological Society qualified Assessor.  For 20 years Jill has been providing high impact, solutions-focused Feedback and Coaching to C-suite executives, VPs, senior managers and their teams in some of the world’s largest organizations, as well as working with professional firms and large public sector organizations and SMEs.  You can read Jill's eBook on Resilience here and listen to her Expert Audio Talks here.

Please contact Jill for a confidential initial chat to find out more about our 360 Feedback Reviews, Coaching Support or to book an Assessment or Coaching session. 

Watch the video on Talent Assessments here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTUUEahjs9g&t=4s

‘Initially I was angry with some of the comments in the 360 Report.  Then I realized the process was like having a mirror placed in front of me; I had no idea my SMT thought I was so controlling and didn’t empower them enough! Now I’ve changed my approach after the Executive Coaching they are much more productive.’  CEO, Manufacturing

‘High level of professionalism during the process, perfect organizational set up, very trusted relationship to the coach; I look forward to working on some of the areas of improvement together in the future – 9/10.’  Senior VP Technology

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