Introduction to Successful Management

This is one of Natural Talent’s most popular Management Development Modules, which creates significant and sustainable behavioral change and leads to increased effectiveness and improved performance.  All modules can be delivered virtually in 2 - 3 hour interactive sessions.

This one is designed for:

  • Managers who are struggling to juggle tasks, people, and their time in order to deliver on business strategy, targets and projects
  • Managers who are experts in their field but new to the Management role
  • Managers who need motivating and are looking to improve their overall Management Skills
  • High potential Team Leaders or Supervisors

At the end of the Management Skills Development Module managers will have:

  • Understood the global Management Competencies which are proven to ensure individual and business success and scored themselves against the key Competencies
  • Understood more about their own Personality and how to adapt their styles to different people
  • Increased their self-awareness to become more effective
  • Reviewed the impact of non-verbal Communication and practised Active Listening and Open Questioning
  • Practised Planning, Organizing and Time Management techniques
  • Reviewed the key tools and techniques for giving constructive Feedback
  • Practised the most effective Performance Management Model
  • Identified how to manage Change, Stress and develop Resilience

At the end of the Module Managers will develop a Personal Action Plan for ongoing future development.