How to Become a Successful Manager

How to Become a Successful Manager

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, ‘I need you to step up’  is a phrase many leaders were uttering to their senior teams, who in turn were using the phrase with their own direct reports. In many diverse organizations, team members were asked to volunteer for completely different roles, employees with no management experience or training were suddenly being promoted to run teams, or asked to deputise for a colleague, who may have been seconded to a project or furloughed, or had been made redundant.

In a crisis many team members need to be clearer than ever on their roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and the amount of decision-making authority they have.  They need to feel empowered, have clear direction and SMART objectives.  Two years after the onset of the pandemic, how can team members step up in to a management role and how can existing managers develop their skills?

In order to be able to demonstrate that they are stepping up, a manager can consciously work on developing all aspects of their management style including the following competencies:

During Natural Talent’s virtual or face to face Coaching and Training modules we assist managers who are struggling to juggle tasks, people, and their time, in order to deliver on business strategy, targets and projects; those who are experts in their field but new to the management role; managers who need motivating and are looking to improve their overall management skills; and high potential team leaders or supervisors.

‘You were brilliant.  Everyone has learnt a lot and enjoyed the training; they gave you an overall mark of 96%.’  HR Manager

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