Leading and Managing Change

At the end of this Development Module your managers will have:

  • identified where they, their team and the organization sit on the Change Curve
  • understood how to lead, as opposed to manage Change
  • aligned their individual and team priorities with the company vision, strategy and key organizational goals
  • linked daily activities with the overall change initiative in order to stay ahead
  • understood how to live with ambiguity, as those who approach Change with a positive mental attitude tend to benefit more from it
  • worked on changing their own attitude and behaviors to cope better with the new organizational structure and objectives
  • identified how to become an early adopter and ally for Change
  • worked on the communication process

Whether we like it or not, Change is constant.  Organizations most likely to succeed in the VUCA world will need to be agile, able to overcome resistance to the high levels of uncertainty and change, ready to seize new opportunities, adopt new and improved ideas, as well as creating and embedding different values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors.  

Leaders and managers will need to increase their levels of communication to allay fears and anxiety by addressing the associated shock, resistance, confusion and possible associated stress; their aim will be to move team members along the change curve towards the more desired reactions of problem solving, acceptance, openness and learning in order to avoid disengagement and a fall in productivity.

During times of uncertainty and change, those leaders and organizations who succeed tend to be able to embrace change as an opportunity to create a new vision and strategy, improve processes, seek new markets, identify areas for greater profitability, viewing change as an opportunity to learn and evolve.  

During this Development Module your managers will understand the increased importance of leaders and managers ‘walking the talk’ and increasing their general activities during times of high growth, uncertainty and change. They will also hone their skills in Communication, including Active Listening, Open Questioning and giving Feedback, as well as creating a Positive Mental Attitude by working on individual exercises, identifying Leadership Styles and levels of Emotional Intelligence.  

Our clients who have experienced our Change Management Programs have experienced excellent ROI with many tangible results including individual team members being promoted, a significant reduction in employee absence, an increase in employee engagement, as well as greater productivity and an overall improvement in morale.