Life Coaching

If you feel like you need to regroup, find more of a balance in your life or work, become more confident, have more time, change jobs, start a new business, be less stressed, or just make some positive changes to your life, then you could benefit from one of Natural Talent’s bespoke Life Coaching Programs, virtual Retreats, or Coaching walks. 

If you don’t want a rigid regime of meditation and yoga, but want to take time out to think, relax, and focus on creating a realistic and practical personal plan to achieve your goals, then book in 1 - 2 hours via video call with qualified Executive and Life Coach, Jill Maidment, or book a 1 – 2 hour Coaching walk within 1.5 hours of Bristol.  Jill will assist you in creating significant and sustainable changes in order to fulfil your true passion in life, learn new skills and techniques, and change priorities to enable you to realize your true potential and lead the really fulfilling life you want.

Please contact Jill for a confidential initial chat to find out more about our Coaching or to book a virtual Coaching session or Coaching walk. 

A Life Coaching Session may include the following:

  • Personality Profile
  • Assessment of Priorities
  • Scoring of Priorities
  • Tools and Techniques to improve scores
  • Confidence Boosting Exercises
  • Career Planning
  • SMART Action Planning for ongoing improvement
  • Guided Meditation – if required
  • Relaxation Exercises – if required

‘ Jill has a unique skill of offering empathy and compassion, but also providing a challenge to long-held limiting beliefs.  I came away with a realistic personal strategy to overcome my empty nest syndrome, lose some weight, get fit and find a part-time job.’  Mother from Wiltshire

‘I hadn’t understood what was preventing me from making a success of my new business and finding a life partner. I learnt that my Imposter Syndrome is sabotaging my plans and I now have the right tools to make major changes to my business, attitude and life. Thank you Natural Talent – you’ve given me the courage and confidence to follow my vision.’  Entrepreneur from Bristol

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Client Testimonials

‘Jill from Natural Talent dealt very well with my stream of consciousness; I offloaded all the issues I face at work. She listened attentively, demonstrated empathy, but was also assertive in summarizing back the key points and areas I need to work on. Within our first Coaching meeting I already had a list of key skills and competencies to develop and look forward to starting work on the SMART action plan to begin my journey to improvement!’

Finance Manager

‘I started with a spaghetti brain! You adeptly separated the key issues, helped me prioritize and gave me clarity and focus. Your help has been invaluable.‘

Senior Manager

‘Jill gave me an external sounding board and a valuable sense-check, when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Jill is a very adaptable coach. She always listened carefully when we spoke, and interpreted my outpourings into need and action. She gave me unwavering support, insightful empathy and useful challenge as well as tricks, techniques and structure I could put into practice.

Marketing Director, Utility