Success Story – Executive Assessment and Development, Board Facilitation, Team Building and Management Development in global Manufacturing organizations

Supporting clients including G Plan, MSA Safety, Antifriction Components, IPG Phototonics, National Instruments, James Walker Group, TOMRA, Proctor and Gamble, Protek Medical Inc, Nikken in the UK, US, Europe and Scandinavia. Utilizing Leadership 360 Feedback Reviews and Executive Assessments to identify and develop performance gaps, delivering Executive Coaching and Leadership Training to embed leadership behaviors, improve communication, performance management, and team effectiveness to create a culture of growth and innovation with improvements in efficiency, performance, engagement and retention.

Business issue

The Board and CEO were looking to achieve the following:

  • A better understanding of each other’s responsibilities and key challenges
  • To break down barriers and overcome any silo working
  • To discuss and understand key issues and perceptions
  • To build more effective working relationships
  • To allow for constructive debate, engender useful discussion and group feedback
  • To enable the team to understand how to adapt their Personality styles to different people to improve working relationships
  • To understand the dynamics of an effective leadership team
  • To identify the key strengths and development areas within the senior team
  • To give and receive open and constructive feedback in a safe, confidential environment
  • To agree how the senior management team should act as a High Performing Team and as role models for the business
  • To engender mutual trust within the team
  • To understand the role and responsibilities of business leaders, as well as functional heads
  • To develop a consistent approach to Leadership within the team
  • To establish how to make collective decisions as part of the team
  • To set key objectives for working together as an effective team in the future i.e. a Team Charter regarding communication, processes and behaviours, regular team meetings, 1:1s, Feedback
  • To develop individual SMART Action Plans for future ongoing development

In addition, Management Development Programs were required to create improvement in Communication, Time Management and Sales skills for newly promoted managers and the Sales Team.


Natural Talent designed and delivered two highly interactive facilitated Board Sessions, which included:

  • A Review of how business is conducted
  • Identifying blockers to better Collaboration
  • Identifying opportunities for development and improvement
  • Acknowledging the successes within the team
  • Identifying key areas to improve
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a team and why teams fail
  • The Team Performance Curve and what actions could be taken to become a high performing team
  • Tools and techniques to prevent silo working
  • Decision Making techniques
  • Agreed behaviors to demonstrate Collaborative Leadership
  • A Team Contract for working better together with guidelines regarding roles and responsibilities, Communication, email management and etiquette, meeting management and governance
  • Leadership Development


The Board worked much more collaboratively, sharing knowledge and innovative ideas.  As a result, revenue increased and overall morale and engagement were significantly higher, which led to increased customer satisfaction.  

The upskilling of the management and Sales teams resulted in improved working practices, more consultative selling, increased Sales, and an expansion of the Sales team.

‘As an Executive Coach and Mentor Jill Maidment hasn’t just got the T-shirt, she designed it!  She is an astute problem solver and highly motivational.  From talking through EBITDA, Brexit and the global economy, to analyzing the impact of your body language and leadership style, Jill has a highly effective toolkit to assist you and your senior team to become much more productive.'  CEO, Global Manufacturing

'Congratulations on facilitating our SLT offsite.  Again you utilised the right balance of assertiveness and challenge, versus empathy and understanding.  Due to your calm approach we were all able to discuss and resolve the major issues without too much emotion, which was highly valued.'  CEO

‘Your positive energy and useful insights have made a major impression on the leadership team.  Our SLT meetings are now much more productive, as well as being strategically focused.  We are aligned - thank you!'  CEO 

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