Success Story – Executive Business and Career Coaching and Executive Assessment in global Tech organizations

Working with global tech clients, such as Twitter, Amazon Ads, Just Eat, Netapp, AXA Tech, Eset, Roland, Avid, Dell, Hashicorp, Getronics in the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada; delivering Executive Coaching and Development to enable leaders and managers to flex styles, work collaboratively, align individual and team objectives with the vision and strategy, prioritize the priorities, drive change and growth; resulting in increased effectiveness and high performance.

Business Issue

Senior leaders were looking to achieve the following:

  • receive feedback from 360 Feedback Reviews and Personality Profiles in a trusting, confidential environment, in order to identify key development areas as part of ongoing Talent Management and Succession Planning initiatives
  • increase levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • create real executive presence
  • improve their overall leadership skills
  • align key objectives and goals with the vision and strategy
  • lead by example and drive change
  • create a culture of inclusion and high performance
  • motivate and engage remote and diverse teams
  • increase revenue
  • flex communication style to different stakeholders
  • create internal communication strategies
  • improve performance management skills
  • increase levels of delegation and empowerment
  • engage in more strategic planning and deliver on the business plan
  • develop a more collaborative approach to working
  • ‘prioritize the priorities’ in order to become less operational


  • Online and Face to Face 360 Feedback Reviews were conducted and Personality Questionnaires completed
  • Feedback was given on key improvement areas, aligned with the Performance and Behavioral Competencies, which were marked out of 10
  • SMART Executive Coaching Action Plans were devised
  • 1:1 Executive Business Coaching took place face to face or via video conference
  • Together with the Executive Coach, the leaders identified any obstacles to them achieving their full potential, any relevant behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, motivators, learning styles, and commitment levels
  • They started to examine their habits and working practices closely, identifying and agreeing what they needed to change
  • They worked on their self-awareness and how they could free up time to become more strategic and empower their teams
  • In a confidential, safe environment, with the Executive Coach as the sounding board, leaders built on their existing strengths, explored and practised different approaches to key issues, challenges, and scenarios
  • The Coaching sessions included introducing principles that address behavior change, and tools and techniques that can enhance their own and the business performance
  • In-between Coaching Sessions the leaders are asked to apply the principles, tools, and techniques on real life business scenarios and be prepared to discuss what works best at the next Coaching session. Being accountable to their Coach ensures that they commit to the interim Coaching assignments and exercises in order to make substantial progress


  • 9 out of 10 executives were promoted to more senior positions
  • Sustainable and major behavioral change was achieved in all leaders
  • Employee engagement and pulse scores increased significantly
  • More robust and objective processes for Talent Management and Succession Planning were implemented
  • Morale was noticeably higher
  • A more open and trust-based culture was created
  • Revenue increased

'Awesome Coach Jill!  Thank you for all the help/guidance you provided these past few months.  Your advice throughout the process was invaluable.'  Global Director, Tech

'Very wise words from Jill Maidment during our first Mentoring session!  I really like her strategic and practical approach.  I found it extremely useful in identifying and starting to address key priorities I need to work on.'  VP Sales

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