Success Story – Executive Coaching and Face-to-Face 360 Feedback

Natural Talent delivers major sustainable change, performance improvement, increased growth, engagement and retention; providing 360 Feedback, Executive Coaching, Management Training and Succession Planning Programs; working with leaders in global Engineering clients in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, and Scandinavia, including Hoare Lea LLP, Bechtel, ISG, James Walker Group, TOMRA, SNC Lavalin.

Natural Talent has delivered major, sustainable change through 360 Feedback, Executive Coaching and Succession Planning Programs, working with leaders in global Engineering clients, such as Hoare Lea LLP, Bechtel, TOMRA, SNC Lavalin

Delivering Executive Coaching and Face-to-Face 360 Feedback at Tomra Systems ASA, a Norwegian multinational corporation, the largest producer of Reverse Vending Machine globally and leading manufacturer of sensor-based machines for sorting and recycling. The Program was to align the senior management team with the new strategy, improve leadership capability, significantly grow the business, develop and retain key managers, and improve overall performance.

Business Issue

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent worked with leaders within TOMRA in Dublin, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany and the US, conducting Face to Face 360 Feedback Reviews and Executive Coaching, in order to improve leadership capability and develop and retain high potentials.  She also provided a Leadership Development Process for their CEO and senior Leadership Team as part of their Talent Management and Succession Planning initiatives.

The Executive Coaching Programs resulted in an overall improvement in behaviors, leadership and management competencies, efficiency and performance.

Key issues to be addressed included Team Management and Effectiveness, Alignment Architecture, Leadership Judgement, Performance Management and Objective Setting, Delegation and Empowerment, Feedback Skills, Leading and Managing through Change, Work-time Allocation, Lifestyle Management and attracting and retaining the best Talent.

Executive Coaching was offered to some senior members of the global Sales team in order to become aligned with the new strategy and culture, and significantly increase Sales performance.


A Face to Face 360 Process and self-assessment exercises identified the key strengths and development areas, with the senior managers initially scoring the prioritised Leadership and Management Competencies out of 10.

With the Natural Talent Executive Coach they developed a SMART Coaching Action Plan to reach 10/10.  Objectives were aligned with the business strategy in order to increase work ‘on’ the business’ rather than ‘in’ it.

During the Executive Coaching sessions key behaviors were rehearsed and practised.  In-between the Coaching sessions, the managers were given Coaching Assignments to practise new tools and techniques on real-life business scenarios and continue to gain feedback from their key Stakeholders as well as their Executive Coach.


At the end of the Executive Coaching Programs a mini 360 survey was completed and feedback obtained from the CEO and Line Managers to measure improvement.

As a result of the Executive Coaching the leaders were able to overcome blind spots, move to the next level of responsibility, execute strategy, enhance team effectiveness and develop their direct reports.

Overall there was increased alignment with the strategy, higher levels of retention and promotion, improved productivity and effectiveness and higher Sales and business performance, all providing excellent return on investment.

‘Jill Maidment is an excellent executive coach who has worked in our company on a number of coaching assignments. She is very effective in identifying the key areas of development and in providing practical support through a change process. I can see today the enduring improvement in our managers who worked with Jill.’  Sales Director

‘Jill has developed a deep understanding of our culture and our business. Through her Coaching of many members of the Executive Team Jill has helped to significantly improve our business performance.’  Technical Director

‘Jill provides excellent tools and training to deal with the business issue of the day. She combines her obvious expertise with personable skills to deliver a polished yet personal training set customized to the specific needs of her student. Thank you for making a difference in my business life. It worked!’  VP Sales

‘High level of professionalism during the process, perfect organizational set up, very trusted relationship to the coach; I look forward to working on some of the areas of improvement together in the future – 9/10.’  Senior VP Technology

‘10/10: I was very happy with the process. The Consultant was fast, listened well, and she helped you articulate your thoughts without putting her own words in your mouth. She quickly identified patterns and connected the dots.’  Senior VP, Technology

‘The overall impression was that the Leadership Development Feedback process was over-delivering against my objectives (10/10).’  Senior VP, Technology

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