Success Story – Executive Coaching and Management Development

Natural Talent delivers major sustainable change, performance improvement, increased growth, engagement and retention; providing 360 Feedback, Executive Coaching, Management Training and Succession Planning Programs; working with leaders in global Engineering clients in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia, and Scandinavia, including Hoare Lea LLP, Bechtel, ISG, James Walker Group, TOMRA, SNC Lavalin.

Hoare Lea

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent has been working in partnership with this award-winning and rapidly growing firm of global consulting engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering with offices in the UK and world-wide, delivering Executive Coaching and Management Development Programs.

Business Challenges

The firm was looking for an external resource in order to deliver 360 Feedback and to identify and develop performance gaps and key opportunities for development. Executive Coaching was required in order to assist a number of senior individuals in the firm to achieve promotions and become more effective in their roles. Additionally, some functions required Management Development Training in Planning, Organizing, Prioritizing, Time Management and Project Management in order to be able to plan and manage work tasks and projects more effectively.


Jill Maidment worked with HR and a number of Associate Engineers and Managers across most functions to diagnose performance gaps and identify key strengths in order for the individuals to become more effective and work in support of the business goals. Executive Coaching Programs included:

  • Self-assessment exercises to identify key strengths and to define SMART developmental objectives
  • Personality Questionnaires, such as SHL’s OPQ 32 and the Strength Deployment Inventory, to identify preferred working methods, values, motivators, and how to adapt management styles
  • Scoring and monitoring of Leadership and Management Competencies to focus development and assess progress
  • Identifying how to adapt individual styles to improve working relationships and increase executive presence
  • Building levels of Resilience and Confidence and learning coping mechanisms to manage Stress
  • Using tools and techniques to improve skills in Delegation, Empowerment, Decision Making and Time Management to become more productive
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence skills to better manage and lead teams
  • Improving overall Communication skills, including Active Listening, Open Questioning, Consulting, Handling Objections
  • Managing levels of Assertiveness
  • Improving internal and external Stakeholder Management
  • Identifying key individual and team motivators and learning how to create high performing teams
  • Practising Performance Management tools and techniques to improve team engagement levels and motivation
  • Improving skills in Strategic Awareness in order to align the team and goals with the strategy
  • Utilizing tools and techniques to manage Conflict, deliver constructive Feedback and conduct the difficult conversations
  • Learning to manage behaviours in order to become more measured
  • Signposting to ongoing blended learning, such as relevant apps, websites, online courses and reading


As a result of the Executive Coaching Programs the majority of the Coaching clients achieved up to 70% improvement in key Leadership and Management Competency Scores.  Many behaviors and attitudes were transformed significantly.  Equipped with practical tools and techniques individuals did not resort to unhelpful ingrained habits in pressure environments back in the workplace.  All Coachees were retained and increased their levels of engagement with enhanced levels of personal responsibility.

An overall improvement in team management and more effective team working were also noticed. New mindsets and behaviours were facilitated, management styles adapted, and key stakeholder relationships improved. Following the Management Training Programs, teams became more organized and a more structured approach was implemented to ensure projects were completed on time and on budget.

‘The Coaching was absolutely brilliant! After just 4 sessions I had made a real effort to change my behaviour. The techniques and models I’ve practiced have made me much more effective. Thank you.’  Team Head

‘After the 360 Feedback I understood that I needed to adapt my approach. With your assistance and guidance, coupled with those two key pages of my personality profile, I’ve recognized what exactly I need to change and the Coaching tools are proving highly valuable in the process.'  Associate

‘I am still struggling to find the right words to express how much of an impact your Coaching has had on me, it’s immense! I feel very lucky to have had some quality time out of the office with someone who’s equipped me with tools and a better understanding of where my strengths lie and confidence in my abilities to continue to improve moving forwards. Thank you.’  Team Manager

‘Jill is a very effective Executive Coach who assists clients in breaking their old habits and learning new behaviours. She provides very practical tools and techniques to ensure that you don’t regress under pressure.’  Manager

‘The Project Management and Planning and Organizing Programmes have made a real difference to how effective and efficient the team is. As a result, all our recent campaigns have run more smoothly and we’ve saved a lot of time and consequently money.’  HR

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