Success Story – Management Development Programs to imbed the new Competency Framework

Working as a trusted business advisor, Natural Talent provides Consultancy services, Executive Assessment and Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, and Management Development to deliver measurable results to clients in the Insurance sector, for example, Atradius, AXA, RAC, Zurich.


Delivering a long-term program of Management Development and Executive Coaching to managers, team leaders, technical leads and analysts across all functions at an IT infrastructure services company.  All participants made positive changes and as a result were performing significantly better; a large number were promoted.  In addition, appraisal scores and employee engagement levels improved significantly.

Business Issue

The Head of HR at AXA Technology Services Ltd chose Natural Talent to imbed their new Management Competency Framework.  Training and Development Programs were required at short notice to improve appraisal scores, significantly change the behavior of managers and teams, in particular to develop their interpersonal sensitivity, build better working relationships, ensure improved team working, and lead to overall increased employee engagement.


Prior to attending the Management Development Programs, participants completed an online Personality Questionnaire (SHL’s OPQ 32) to identify their key development areas.  Each Training and Development Program was designed and delivered in a highly interactive and challenging Coaching Training style to ensure high engagement and buy in.

Participants worked on key development areas such as Active Listening, Assertiveness, Body Language, Building a Business Case, Handling Objections, Negotiating and Influencing, Open Questioning, Positive Mental Attitude. Other modules included Building Rapport, Belbin Team Types, Conflict Resolution, Feedback Skills, the Johari and Nohari Windows, Managing Upwards, Personal Style and Strength Deployment Indicator and Domain Map.  In order to develop their Problem Solving and Analysis skills the next Program combined techniques such as the 5 Point Plan, Problem Definition, Fishbone Exercise, 5 Whys, Force Field Analyst.

Natural Talent was subsequently asked to continue to imbed the new Competency Framework by designing and delivering a Technical Lead Training and Development Program for senior IT Analysts in the UK and Brussels. This Program involved participants working on Communications Skills, Project Management, Stakeholder and Client Management tools and techniques; it resulted in participants managing projects much more effectively.

‘Thank you very, very much for the wonderful work on our Leadership Development; for your patience, availability, professionalism, willingness to share your experience with us, for your kindness to help us further if needed. It was a real pleasure to work together.’  Six Sigma Black Belt, AXA Technology Services Ltd, Brussels


Every participant was offered a one to one Coaching session a month after each Program, to review progress on their SMART Action Plans, and build on further identified key development areas.  Facilitated Lunches were held 3 months later to discuss progress and any future development.  All participants had made positive changes and as a result were performing significantly better; a large number have been promoted.  In addition, appraisal scores and employee engagement levels improved significantly:

‘The feedback from the Management Development has been excellent. It is something else indeed to be able to facilitate real behavioral change back in the workplace; this has been achieved. Some of the people that have attended the Training feel that they have had life changing experiences.’  HR Manager, AXA Technology Services Ltd

‘The programs were very well received, creative and well aligned with our business objectives. It was one of a series of HR interventions at the time that helped drive our People engagement results significantly higher. Jill Maidment of Natural Talent is high energy, collaborative, can operate at executive or employee level and ensures that she understands that the culture and strategy of the organization in building her solutions.’  Head of HR, AXA Technology Services Ltd

‘The courses were highly personalised, intuitive and effective with excellent feedback from all employees at varying levels of employment within the organization. Jill’s guidance and support during the course was exceptional while her support following the course should not be overlooked.’  IT Analyst, AXA Technology Services Ltd

‘When I saw that it was Natural Talent running our Team Building Day, I knew it would be professional and informative, but also fun! I was right.’  Senior e-commerce Consultant, AXA Technology Services Ltd

‘Many thanks to you and Martin for the swift turnaround on this piece of work; it was very well received and we have already seen positive results.'  Senior Project Manager, AXA Technology Services Ltd

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