Success Story – Management Training in global Tech Organizations

Working with global tech clients, such as Twitter, Amazon Ads, Just Eat, Netapp, AXA Tech, Eset, Roland, Avid, Dell, Hashicorp, Getronics in the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada; delivering Executive Coaching and Development to enable leaders and managers to flex styles, work collaboratively, align individual and team objectives with the vision and strategy, prioritize the priorities, drive change and growth; resulting in increased effectiveness and high performance.

Business Issue

Remote managers and teams needed to develop their capability in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Implementation and Execution
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication
  • Setting SMART Stretch goals and KPIs
  • Building more effective working relationships
  • Training global business partners to deliver excellent customer service


Highly interactive group sessions were delivered in the UK and Europe with managers working on real-life business issues and scenarios to improve:

  • Organizational and Cross Functional Awareness
  • Active Listening and Open Questioning
  • Meeting Management
  • Inclusivity
  • Understanding of the Key Business Drivers


Managers had an effective toolkit and had developed skills in order to:

  • be more alert to changing dynamics within the organization
  • forge cross-functional links
  • establish useful support networks
  • lead, manage, communicate and implement Change
  • seek more feedback and act on it
  • raise profiles through better networking
  • be more strategic and take a long-term view
  • explore different options
  • create more trusted relationships with customers
  • improve overall collaboration
  • accelerate growth
  • identify competitor advantage
  • create more commercial success with innovation and operational efficiency
  • were more confident in training others in how to be effective Technical Leads

‘I really enjoyed the Management Training and the way in which you delivered the material and engendered discussion throughout.’  Head of Department, IT

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